To United Anarchists World, dday4allofua

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

It´s more than giantic what our sisters and brothers of our internet-force are doing at this time, they are the nightmare of all SS-Satanists in Germany! I myself feel so very poor regarding them, I feel myself so very weak in view of their giantic power. But I feel so very strong knowing to fight in community with those wonderful young women and men!

The current situation is that the SS-Satanists have murdered a femal judge and are telling it would have been suicide. Her name was Kirsten Heisig. She wasn´t an Anarchist, but she dared to talk about the problems of not-integrated foreigners in Germany. And Capitalists need a divided society for full-slavery…

Beloved sisters and brothers, I know very well that great support of countries out of Germany plays a very important role within our internetforce, in first line of course the support of our all wonderful sisters and brothers in the United States of America.  At this time I am not able to write a lot in American, but I know that a lot of our brothers and sisters in the world know German as well as English, and I know about the cordially friendship between our German hackers and those in other parts of the world, and all of them know English/American much better than I do.

For those of You who have no clue what is going on in Germany:

Published on  (peoples-newspaper) on 5th of June 2010:

United Anarchists in Germany Thank  the Brave Soldiers Who Entered France on D-Day 1944 To Rescue Europe from Slavery by Hitler and the SS!       => LINK

A lot of them died for us, mostly very young men. It is our duty to fight down Fashism in Germany forever so they didn´t die in vain.

We will fight as bravely as those young men did until that goal will be achieved. Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists.


Beloved sisters and brothers, it is really true: The SS is still alive. For those of You who understand German:

There will be no peace on earth until SS will be dead forever. Please be with us!

We love You!

by the name of German Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists

Über belljangler
Dipl.-Kfm. Winfried Sobottka, geb. 16.07.1958 in Waltrop, Kreis Recklinghausen, wohnhaft: Karl-Haarmann-Str. 75 in 44536 Lünen, Tel. 0231 986 27 20

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