Winfried Sobottka to The Friends of Liberty, 5th of February 2011 / z.K. Annika Joeres, Simon McDonald, UNITED ANARCHISTS, Angela Merkel

Ladies and Gentlemen!

At this moment no one can deny that there is a great support for my articles about SS-Satanism and the collaboration of SS-Satanism and the elite of power of organized Jewry in German Internet.

Belljangler has risen up:


At this time Belljangler is ranking about the same level as which is a well known blog at least in NRW:

The google-page #1 for my name contains 4 entries to my own domains/blogs amongst the first five placements, while those placements had been the dominion of blogs for my defaming earlier:

The developement of all my domains is rather good by now, here a look at statistics of concerning the first days in this february, last record in the very early morning of today:

I know very well that only a really great common fight could allow all this.

Unfortunately there are some things taking my abandonment at this time, I have to work on the revision in my criminal proceeding, while German State has begun to attack me by little misuses of authority to steal my time.

I hope that some very important people look clear at the facts at this time, the connection of SS-Satanists and power-elite of Jewry doesn’t know any limits, neither of morality nor of acquisitiveness, and You can be sure they have the complete knowledge about conspiracy, brainwashing, building up slavery by abuse of sexuality and so on.

Anticipating the worst at any rate is the only right way to handle them.

It seems unbelievable to consider things like this:

But knowing SS-Satanists means to take such a doing as most probable indeed.

The true educational advertising about natural sexuality of mankind would be a heavy attack to the SS-Satanists. Please think about that.


Best regards

in devotion to Liberty

Your sincer

Dipl.-Kfm. Winfried Sobottka, UNITED ANARCHISTS und Order of ?

Und was sagen deutsche Politiker zu solchen Dingen?



Über belljangler
Dipl.-Kfm. Winfried Sobottka, geb. 16.07.1958 in Waltrop, Kreis Recklinghausen, wohnhaft: Karl-Haarmann-Str. 75 in 44536 Lünen, Tel. 0231 986 27 20

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