To Whom It Concerns

There are some problems around me. One of them seems to be an attack by electro-magnetism. It doesn’t seem to have been by coincident that I have gotten two emails demanding to write about attacks by rays. One day before it was the first time I had the feeling to hear a hum, changing between two low frequences. I think it could be the effect of attacks from the domicile below. The inhabitant is out of house most time, and if not then there is no hum. He had been suspicious from the first day he took the domicile below me, there have been several reasons for that.

Anyway I have to look after me the next time, and I don’t know whether I will continue or not. I think to have done a lot – informing about the most important things regarding natural social life and natural sexual behaviour, about the spirit of capitalism, about the collaboration of former SS and Jewish etsablishment and so on. I do not intend to clear that, I intend to take care for that those things will remain in internet as long as possible.

But I know that I have to change my life, that I have to learn some things, that I have to do other things in future. I have been fighting für 20 years, and it may be I will be forced to fight for my own defending in future. But I do not see any reason to continue that way I have been going through the last years.

I hope for Your understanding.

Best regards


Winfried Sobottka

Über belljangler
Dipl.-Kfm. Winfried Sobottka, geb. 16.07.1958 in Waltrop, Kreis Recklinghausen, wohnhaft: Karl-Haarmann-Str. 75 in 44536 Lünen, Tel. 0231 986 27 20

2 Responses to To Whom It Concerns

  1. Anonymous says:

    damn… doesnt sound good…

    found this on electromagnetic weapons:

    hope it helps…

    • belljangler says:

      Thank You very much! Honestly spoken that was my first idea, and I had a better sleep less night…. but that will not be the top of the flagpole…

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