UNITED ANARCHISTS in Germany Thank 83 Countries Outside Germany! / Simon McDonald, Sudhir Vyas, Paul King Aryene, Do Hoa Binh, Armen Martirosyan, Everton Vieira Vargas, Peter M. Boehm, Per Poulsen-Hansen

Ladies and Gentlemen all over the World!

I am very delighted that most important people of so many countries have a look at my reports about the true character of Germany! In this month there have already been visitors from 83 countries outside Germany on www.die-volkszeitung.de:


though I have been writing only in German there up to now. I couldn’t uncover the true character of Germany if there were no interest in Your countries, and Your interest ist most worthy for interior politics in Germany as well as for politics worldwide, and we, UNITED ANARCHISTS, know to appreciate that.

I have just written a longer article about that in German: http://wp.me/po3G2-1cY

about the fact, that Germany is unable to get true Democracy without Your help, about the fact, that we Germans can learn a lot from all Your countries, while many people in Germany think we

Germans would know everything and everything better than all others. For those of You who might be dazzled concerning this error, woho might think that German way of doing would be ideal, our lying politicians are spreading such nonsense all over the world, I want to tell the true formular of that German thinking an doing: „Making money/building up power whatever it does cost!“ That isn the way to friendhip witrh others. That isn’t the way to happiness, that isn the way to democracy, that isn’t the way to practised legality, that is the way to arrogance, to dishonesty, to perfidiousness, to constitutional crime, in short: To satanic Fashism!

You shouldn’t take that as an ideal, it is really the opposite of that. On the other side a country driven by a spirit like that has to be handled right way by all other countries, cause it is a danger and a burden for all other countries.

So I feel supposed to inform all You as well as possible about all that You will never read in German Media, to give You a clean look at Germany. Of course I know that Your Governments are able to take notice of that I write in German, but I am sure it would be great advantage to write in English, too, so that other people in Your countries could read, journalists for example, to get a basic knowledge about the truth of German history and presence, so they could inform the people in Your countries.

Of course my English is not the best, but it should be good enough to inform in English, too, though I will not be able to write such a lot in English as in German language, but just that means that I will choose attentively the stuff for my articles in English, so I hope to present very concentrated most important informations for a world-wide readership at last.

That will take place on:


and I think the starting article will be posted there within the next week – I will build up a part in English there, roughly that way I had begun it on freegermany.de around two years ago:


but, of course: I have a lot ideas to make it better.

You are demonstrating so very important interest, and so I feel indebted to give my best regarding quality of information and of their presenting.

Thank You all very, very much!

By the name of UNITED ANARCHISTS in Germany

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, UNITED ANARCHISTS and Order of ?